Question on sending back a video card..

I've solved my problem now.. It's all good now

I got an XFX 7900 GT factory overclocked to 520/1600 (Not sure on memory) and recently, it's pretty much died on me. I can't even use my computer.. So I need to send the card back, but I'm not sure if they'll even do it anymore because:

1. I took off that stupid bezel on the video card, which was subsequently lost
2. I installed a Zalman HSF on it with 8 heatsinks on the RAM.

Even if I took off the heatsinks and put back on the old stock HSF setup, I'm missing the bezel that came with the video card, as well as few parts that were bundled with it. So does anyone know what my chances are if I attempt to send back the video card? I'm in a bit of a pickle and what I wanted to do (get a new 8800 GTS 320 MB from EVGA) is not possible because of financial issues right now.

How flexible is XFX with this predicament I'm having?
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  1. Bump, anyone know?
  2. If removing the bezel is considered a violation of the warranty.

    I doubt there is any chance for a replacement.
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