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I can open the browser independently of any link and it will open fine but when I am in a program, doc or even in an email and click a link it opens IE browser and the browser has a blank white screen with the tab saying endlessly connecting. The other odd thing is the url never shows up in the address bar so naturally it won't go to any page. What is causing this and how do I fix it? I also can't seem to watch any flash movies streams even though I have the current update. I guess I have two issues here or they are somehow related but initially don't appear to. I use XP and service packs are updated too. Thanks for solutions.
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  1. Try re-registering one DLL of IE:
    Go Start -> Run -> type regsvr32 actxprxy.dll e type enter.
    or try resetting IE's settings
  2. First, update your flash, secondly reset IE8, and third...thats IE for you, thats why there are other browsers 10x better.
  3. Hi again...ok..I reset IE8 to all default settings and turned off add ons, reregistered the dll and nothing is changed. Don't know how to update the need a suggestion on how to do that. If updating the flash fails how do I get IE to stop automatically opening as my default browser when I click a link from within an email or doc if I don't even have it set as my default to begin with? I have firefox as default and for some reason IE overrides it every time in docs and emails. I can't stand IE but thought what the heck since it wants to act as a default I need it working. Some things also require IE so need it functioning. Thanks for your help...appreciated. :hello:
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