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Toms hardware makes a mistake?

Last response: in Motherboards

do you still trust toms?

Total: 36 votes

  • yes
  • 62 %
  • no
  • 20 %
  • I''m a little more weary now.
  • 14 %
  • I''ll double check the info they put out.
  • 6 %
June 19, 2007 2:09:39 AM

Alright, I'm no genius (well, i may be but i've not tested out for it, :-p ) but page 2, third paragraph of "amd's smart strike:..." article states that the cool and quiet function requires os support. wtf!? I have the feature and my fans drop speed before the os even has a chance to do anything... actually they drop down to speed as soon as the BIOS kicks in, and you can change settings in the bios... so it really doesn't require os support... unless you want to change them on the fly in your os... if that's what they mean, i think that is understandable, but it's not "required" by any means. I've had 3 different OS' since i got this board and i've never had to install anything for it to kick in... This isn't noted in the article... I don't understand how such a simple thing can happen unless they just have a really crappy mobo with the cool and quiet support? But mine has always worked fine without os support on an asus m2npv-vm... so yeah, any thoughts or even a response from Toms would be even better...

and to quote an exceptional band "don't believe what you see, don't believe what you read" :-p

hehe. sorry toms, you failed me for the first time, i'm going to point it out.

edit: ok in the poll they're supposed to be ' instead of " sorry. :-p but you get the idea
June 19, 2007 2:33:25 AM


and to quote an exceptional band "don't believe what you see, don't believe what you read" :-p

Don't think so. If so, why do you read and see, but to corroborate it all.

Believing is seeing not the other way around.
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June 19, 2007 2:35:29 AM

I'm no genius


In this too "I AGREE"
June 19, 2007 2:56:31 AM

You got it mixed up. The feature that you are talking about is your motherboard's special feature in attempt to control the noise by running the fans accordingly to the temperatures it senses.
"Cool and quiet" controls the CPU speed to meet your usage need, thus reduce the overall heat that the CPU will produce. All CPUs will run at full speed when booting up.
June 19, 2007 3:02:45 AM

You got it mixed up. The feature that you are talking about is your motherboard's special feature in attempt to control the noise by running the fans accordingly to the temperatures it senses.
"Cool and quiet" controls the CPU speed to meet your usage need, thus reduce the overall heat that the CPU will produce. All CPUs will run at full speed when booting up.

i was just going to say that, so ill change the wording a little and make it seam like my idea.

its a BIOS feature that controls the fan speed when your PC boots up, "Cool and Quiet" is there to under clock you CPU when you don't need its fully potential
June 19, 2007 3:06:43 AM

you guys are soooo nice! hahah. But really, they don't mention it... and it does work without os. :-p and thanks 'noblekitty' i'm almost positive it's labeled as cool 'n' quiet in my bios, but i'm too lazy to restart and take a picture of my bios... So the fan control is not what they were referring to? because as i said already, i'm almost positive that's what it's labeled as in my bios... actually... now that you mentioned that... I WILL restart and repost... if i'm wrong, more power, i just always question the information that's given to me... if i'm proven wrong... great, if i'm proven right... AWESOME! haha. :-p


(haha, i was in the 98th percentile in all the nationwide and local tests in HS... so i may actually be a genius (drunken albeit, but still genius) hahaha. :-p but still... i dunno haha.

edit: you guys are right i think, now that i think about it, those tests are bs.... and were so simple i could have passed them in 3rd grade... damn i hate being stupid.. but i'm still going to check my bios!
June 19, 2007 3:45:57 AM

A feature being configurable in your BIOS setup does not make it OS independent. Take the now-obsolete hyper-threading ... if your OS couldn't handle multiprocessing, it wouldn't do you any good to enable it.
June 19, 2007 3:52:51 AM

you guys are right....damn i hate being stupid.

Thank you.
If you were to critique tg's articles, please know what you are talking about.
you guys are soooo nice!

people will not treat you nicely when you go out on a limb and criticize others' work while you lack a thorough understanding of the intricate subjects that are involved. You sounded like a clubbag and few people tolerate that.
June 19, 2007 3:55:21 AM

ok, they label it as requiring os support, yet if i turn it off, my fans go apesh*t and run at full speed... if it's indeed cpu required speeds, then why again does it require os support? either way i think they're wrong in saying it requires os support... because it doesn't as far as I'm aware... it's always functioned the same over any os... and I've got a picture to prove that it's a BIOS function and not an OS function if it doesn't show or if it runs out of bandwidth, either wait a day or let me know and I'll see if i can't find a better solution if i have time... but i took that pic with my digital camera a few minutes ago.... if that doesn't give my claim some credibility then i don't know what will... bios functions are bios functions no matter what the os... i know that well enough. (save for the os may not accept overclocks well in certain cases, which is odd, because an os is just supposed to interpret the hardware and utilize what it has to offer... ( i think it's an ms thing ) but one way or another that's a pic of my bios setup, and it's labeled "amd cool 'n' quiet"... in the bios... not the os... so that means it's not os specific... and as soon as the pc beep hits (indicating the bios has kicked on) the fans drop their speed form 100%.... so unless you have more than "i agree" to "i may not be a genius" stop posting or give me a viable answer to why they said that "amd cool 'n' quiet is os dependent"
June 19, 2007 3:55:59 AM

:?: :tongue: :roll:
June 19, 2007 4:06:49 AM

either way i think they're wrong in saying it requires os support... because it doesn't as far as I'm aware...

Yes but the people at Tom's, along with most of us forum members don't think, we know that they're right. Please read up on Cool N Quiet, it throttles the CPU itself, it also throttles the CPU fan but it also changes the speed of the CPU which requires software support in Windows XP.

And even if they did make a small mistake, who cares? :roll: Don't be so anal, get a life.
June 19, 2007 4:11:37 AM

i'm not criticizing anyones work... i'm just questioning a specific statement in their article... granted these guys do a lot of work with a lot of things that are questionable... that's the reason for the poll... I was the one that voted "i'll be more weary" or whatever... on my own poll... i'm not saying their wrong, i just want some reasoning... because as of that picture and how my pc functions... the article does not describe how this functions and in my personal experience over win xp x86 and win xp x64 pro corporate and over Ubuntu x64... the function hasn't changed a bit... I don't see how this requires "os support" so go ahead and criticize me for asking a question and stand in line for a every load of crap that anyone writes on any given web site with a decent reputation... everyone makes mistakes... THAT'S why it was posted with a question mark instead of a period or an exclamation point... so don't be an a$$... just like I, and everyone else, would expect you to treat the "noobs" that post on this site... give advice and insight, don't be a p3n1s to everyone that's not as "educated" as you think you are...

PS: and i said that they failed me because they failed to describe this situation... not because they're "dumb"

but honestly, thank you for your opinion... it's always appreciated, any information, even if overly biased... is always welcome because it gives insight to the solution.
June 19, 2007 4:15:40 AM

I'm no genius


In this too "I AGREE"

I agree.
June 19, 2007 4:31:37 AM

I'm supprised my topic got so many posts within such a short time!... thanks for all the help! I just want answers, not opinions... I would look up "amd cool 'n' quiet" on my own save for the fact that in depth technical web sites like these are supposed to feed the information to me (that and 12 hour days kill)... not that i'm lazy, but i mean, isn't this where we go to get the low down on hardware?... I just don't think that the statement made is true, I did state in an earlier post that i've had 3 os' and that the function hasn't changed one bit over the three... so I don't think it's OS specific... but if someone can give me proof then i'll listen to that particular claim, rather than a bunch of babbling people... anyway, check that pic... check their article... they say it requires os support? so they claim that vista supports it (and if you trust them) then xp, xp x64 corporate, and Ubuntu x64 (and according to my brother Ubuntu x86) supports all this, then why "it requires os support"... because what else is there? bad versions of linux? windows 98? who uses that? honestly? and if they wanted to go that deep into detail, why not a side note or a simple quick link to a text explaining it? (i'm sure they have a ton of articles about this subject) omg... wow, mac's now use intel cpus.. but this function does not apply to intels or the mac os... so that cancels out those options

i really don't think I'm out of line... but like I said before... prove me wrong, I'll admit it... as long as it all makes sense... I just question what I read... so make your posts, i'm not proud... just give me proof. :-p hehe... and hey, don't get all worked up... it's bad for your blood pressure! haha.... I do enjoy the enthusiasm though!

June 19, 2007 4:31:44 AM

the function hasn't changed a bit...

I don't think your understanding what 'the function' is. The 'function' is actual CPU throttling, not just turning the fan speed down, but making the CPU run slower, for example a 2.0ghz 3800x2 when not at full load would get throttled back to run at 1.4ghz or whatever so as to save power.

If you check your CPU speed at idle in Linux, or Windows XP without the cool n quiet software installer, your CPU will stay at 2.0ghz.

However if you check your CPU speed at idle when running Vista, or Windows XP WITH cool n quiet software installed (plus CnQ enabled in bios) then your CPU will throttle back to 1.4ghz or whatever.
June 19, 2007 4:35:38 AM

i think i do see the "cpu throttling"... but so why do my fans go 100% when i turn it off? and why did all three OS' act the same one way or another? and "support the function" despite the fact that they mentioned that it needs "os support" if all of the most popular os' support it? i haven't had an os yet that's messed it up...

i don't think you've tested the function well enough... if you can find an os that it screws up on, let me know. :-p

edit: yeah, i have the cpu "on demand" thing on my tool bar (Ubuntu), it's almost always at 1ghz... and then it goes up... based on your advice, i will change my "cool 'n' quiet" function to "disabled" and see if that changes... and let you know what happens. :-p...
June 19, 2007 4:45:14 AM

Ok at least we're making progress 8)

You're fans going at 100% when you turn off your PC is a different bag of beans, more to do with your motherboard, as it stops controlling the fans speed as it shuts down so they go full pelt for a bit before power to the fans is cut off, and when you first boot up, your fans will go full pelt for a bit before the fan controller in CMOS/BIOS starts slowing them down.

Cool n Quiet only takes place while your in your OS, all it does is detect when your CPU usage is very low, and when it is, it slows down your CPU clock speed and sometimes voltage (I think, unless that's Intel only), which means less electricity is being used which means goodness.

If the OS, doesn't support the Cool n Quiet feature, nothing is going to "Screw Up", all that will happen is the CPU will remain at it's default clock speed.

EDIT: Never heard of the CPU on demand thing in Ubuntu, sounds like Ubuntu does have throttling support, but yeah tell me how that goes.
June 19, 2007 4:57:24 AM

yeah, so whatever your name is "stranger"... it's a viable question for a lot of people... many of us who have not spent the time to study this specific subject... and in a previous post i do believe i posted "don't be an @$$" which means just that... People ask for help or opinions and insight on toms often... I try to answer their inquiries to the best of my knowledge without being a D1Ck... with what I know as fact, and I don't claim to know facts without having the results in front of me... so having all that in mind... "we don't roll like that yo" so yeah, just gimme some facts and don't try to be insulting, because I know the people that post honest facts are 10 times smarter than you, even if they are drunk off their @$$... a smart drunk is 10x smarter than a dumb sober person... :-p... stop the insults... enjoy the knowledge, because knowledge is what forums are for... honestly.... i really don't like (6th grade terminology) "meanies" hahahah.
June 19, 2007 5:00:47 AM


NFI to whom or what your on about.
a b V Motherboard
June 19, 2007 5:17:51 AM

ok dummy ive had just about enough of this to last me a life time.

Here it is, very simple, even YOU can understand.

Cool'n'quiet requires OS support to throttle the CPU

Cool'n'quiet doesnt need OS support to throttle the fans because the technology throttles the fans based on temperature of the CPU which is measured by the motherboard. (and therefore doesnt need the OS support)

Dont believe me? enable cool'n'quiet and reinstall windows, run cpuz and see if your cpu throttles by its self. i guarentee that it wont. install the cool'n'quiet software and like magic, your cpu will throttle down when its idle.
June 19, 2007 5:20:00 AM

just an update... it's sad how many negative comments there are... and how many new posts that I've had to defend here on toms forums... or "forumz" if you want it that way.... but honestly, it's ridiculous... forums are for help, not for douche bags to take out their anger on people who want to ask a question.... honestly, why don't you go argue with a teenager in a chat room about who's hotter "paris hilton or Brittany spears" yeah... that's where you should be... because this isn't a place to argue, this is a place to ask for knowledge and fact.... go look at some porn and stop wasting my time... back your opinions up. the more i deal with people like you the more I'm willing to buy military surplus fully automatic rifles... oh wait, sorry... we're supposed to be smarter than other countries and not kill each other... so I'll stick to that whole freedom thing... oh wait, save for you prolly voted for bush and bought vista which kills two basic freedoms... your privacy and your right to free speech... oh wait, so i guess i should buy that rifle and go ahead and shoot you next time i see you... k... now that we're clear on that... (that's kinda confusing cuz bush is pro NRA but put the watch on us citizens :-p)

(((((this post is aimed toward those who do not help, (because it's all too common) and only harm, do not take offense to this if you have positive input))))

(one more note, communist ( and according to the us government) terrorist countries, control the media (in their countries). i'll let you know that I'm not controlled... so I'll say whatever i damn well please, and good for you if you exercise the same rights! (but please, don't be a dick when someone has an issue and don't just assume what some college pot head writes is true....) thanks for the consideration... when posting ANYTHING! :-p
a b V Motherboard
June 19, 2007 5:23:37 AM

your only getting negative comments because your criticizing toms without doing YOUR research. Ironic isnt it?
June 19, 2007 5:26:08 AM

Most of the flaming you've been given has been a result of you just dribbling rubbish like that in your last post instead of just listening. You were given the answer plenty of times, you just cbf taking the time to take it all in.

You should've just Googled/Wikied in the first place instead of expecting us to try and help you by reading through all your mindless crap.

Good day and I hope to god this thread gets locked.
June 19, 2007 5:29:09 AM

my fans never change speed... even when my cpu is at 100% demand... and I'm not stupid so i don't run windows (no offense windows users) ... thanks though... and even when i do run windows, i play titan quest and at my system specs, titan quest pretty much maxes out my system (yeah it's a true budget build) and my fans never change speed because my temps don't run up) and if my fans needed to run up they would be noticeable... so that still doesn't explain the fact that it's a bios setup function and an optional driver in windows... yeah you still haven't proven that the os matters... so why did you post again? even after I posted that i need PROOF... not OPINION? but thanks for the input... like i said it's always appreciated. :-p good try though!
June 19, 2007 5:38:49 AM

hey that's great... so wait, what's the answer again? because i've been shown no proof?... honestly. that's all I want, and it's been since the first post that mr. "i worship bob Marley" has posted negatives... i mean, I won't "wiki" anything because "wiki" is changed by the user, not somebody with proof... it's like a big crappy forum... I honestly just want something that describes excactly how all this works... but instead i just hear people saying "it's how toms says it is" which is ignorant.... so go ahead... call me an idiot for questioning anything... go ahead and believe the world is flat... but i don't want to be that ignorant... i want to understand.... not just accept what others say without backing info... if you'd read the original post, you'd clearly see that's what it's asking for indirectly...

i'm sorry that i thought i could get insight from other people... i guess i'll just have to do all the hard work myself and make sure to treat all of you fellow "tech junkies" as you have treated me... like white southern land owners treated their black slaves... or how your kind treated my kind (native Americans) in the past..... yeah, thanks once again... people never change....
a b V Motherboard
June 19, 2007 5:43:45 AM


ok here

Cool'n'quiet doing its job and throttling down to 1ghz.
Notice that its throttling because in the power options i chose laptop/portable. Also note the CPU multiplier at 5, and the voltage decreasing.

Here is the same computer, same OS, about 20 seconds later after i changed the power profile to Desktop, you will notice in cpuz that the CPU is no longer throttling, its running at full 2ghz

now gtfo
June 19, 2007 5:49:20 AM

yeah, it's got an option to SHOW your cpu "on demand"... it really just shows how much cpu is expected to be used... like it goes betweeen 1 and 2.4 (2.4 is max) but that's not what it's running at... and my fans never change speed. Ubuntu is awesome cuz it runs everything faster and easier... haha... but the issue of the cool 'n' quiet has never been an issue.... I just know that if i turn it off in my bios my fans run 100% and if i turn if off they run down as soon as my bios kicks in "the pc speaker beep indicating your bios startup" but as i posted before, i WILL compare this to my "on demand" icon in ubuntu as a check... but i will do so tomorrow, cuz i have to work early... see yall later... and thanks for the inuput. :-p
a b V Motherboard
June 19, 2007 5:54:02 AM

your utterly hopeless... espically since you think your "a linux guy" because you use ubuntu. Ubuntu is linux for dummies.

Honestly i took the time to screenshot that FOR YOU. You seem to think that cool'n'quiet is all about fan control. Its not.. and i just showed you that. You could atleast show some appreciation...

"yeah, it's got an option to SHOW your cpu "on demand"... it really just shows how much cpu is expected to be used... like it goes betweeen 1 and 2.4 (2.4 is max) but that's not what it's running at... "

and what the hell does that even mean?
If you meant that by selecting the portable/laptop power profile its telling the motherboard to throttle the CPU down because its currently idle... then you would be correct.
June 19, 2007 6:00:24 AM

i see your pics, and i appreciate the time and input... but i'm no seeing how that applies to amd cool 'n' quiet... I am rather tired... maybe i'm just not seein it... i'm literally about to pass out... i'll check your pics again tomorrow... but thanks man... the power profile isn't my issue... it's exactly what the "cool 'n' quiet" 'feature' does :-p and just the name suggests that it's a fan control subject... but hey, i'll prove all that when these guys don't provide proof... unlike your very descriptive pictures, most have been unwilling to provide anything that is fact... especially considering that i don't think anyone posted anything not based on windows... which is kind backwards based on the subject. :-p.... anyway, like i said, i'll check it tomorrow. :-p thanks
June 19, 2007 6:02:45 AM

this has been said in this thread before

the slowing down of the fan is a BIOS function yes thats rite but cool n quiet is not only there for your fan speed it underclocks you CPU and it will control your fan speed on the fly

your fan speed probably never changes because the BIOS is setup that way and your CPU isnt getting up to the temp needed to run at max ok

but your are really need to understand that Cool and quiet isnt just for controlling the fan speed its for controlling the speed of your CPU making it run slower aka making it cool and then because its cool you can run the fans at a lower speed Cool and quiet is there to under clock your CPU

example my CPU is a 3800 x3 running at 2Ghz now if Cool and quiet was running my CPU would run at 1Ghz when im not maxing out my CPU now because it runs slower it is cooler so the fan can run slower

now what you are thinking about is that the Cool and quiet in your BIOS is a driver of sorts and just because the option is there that it must be the thing that controls it. its not

by putting that option on in the BIOS you are enabling the option to use Cool and quiet software, now your fans speed probably drops down from 100% to xx% because your the people that made your BIOS thorough thay would let the motherboard control your fan speed when you enable the option

thats the most simplest way i can explane it but really you need to understand that Cool and quiet is software and your thinking that just because your fan slows down thats its Cool and quiet its not when you select it in the BIOS it will let the Cool and quiet software control your CPU speed but its your BIOS thats controlling your fan speed untill the Cool and quiet software is installed

now i know that thats not the most techy way of putting it so don't hammer me this my wrongs people.
a b V Motherboard
June 19, 2007 6:05:09 AM

... you have to select the power profile to enable cool'n'quiet.

It goes like this:

Install windows, and enable portable/laptop power profile without installing the cool'n'quiet driver. The CPU will not throttle even though you have selected the correct power profile, because the drivers are not intalled.

2. Install windows, then install the cool'n'quiet driver and enable portable/laptop power profile. The CPU throttles when you select the correct power profile, because the drivers are intalled.

Do I honestly need to screenshot the ENTIRE process? or can you figure it out by now? I hope the latter is your choice.
June 19, 2007 6:05:59 AM

i just posted a reply to your specific post.... we're off timing, the one you re-posted to wasn't a reply to you.... anwyay...

and it means that i think that based on other posts the "throttling" is directly related to the "on demand" in my OS... like I said.. it's a viable question, but people just seem to need a nap no matter how often i say that i don't want "@$$40L#5" :-p

but yeah, i'm smart enough to figure it out myself if i want to waste as much time as i've spent on this stupid forum, so I really don't care what you have to say, I just figured I'd try word of mouth and trust my "fellows" but i don't think that works with the kind of people i'm working with. hahaha. nice... thanx everyone!
June 19, 2007 6:07:38 AM

FFS Nacho, I don't think theres a word to describe someone like you, something like a mix of arrogant, ignorant, blatantly stupid might do it but I'm not sure.

Go sleep, have a cup of coffee then read through the whole thread again and see if you understand. Nearly everyone here has an at least semi-thourough understanding of how it works and we've all tried to help you including myself but you couldn't understand. If you still don't understand, then I'd suggest you make a new account and try asking the same question in a different context because everyones going to think your a complete dumbass.

Sorry for the rage but god damn....
June 19, 2007 6:07:58 AM

go ahead and screen shot the whole process...

because like i said before... I'm not dumb enough to run windows as my main os....
a b V Motherboard
June 19, 2007 6:09:05 AM

... I'm not dumb enough to run windows as my main os....

mmhmm, and instead you chose linux for dummies.
June 19, 2007 6:15:06 AM

somebody saying that "this is how it works"

is not proof... i mean, i understand what you say.... but i don't see anything that relates to it/supports it... and like i said, i'll take your advice and make my own tests... and i understand your "rage" because i am going to go to sleep, and i'm going to run my own tests based on the good advice i have received... it just ticks me off that people act like a$$e$ whenever someone doesn't understand without proof or without someone pointing them to a place to learn for themselves... unlike most of the "help" i have received, i Don't post until a person has time to test my suggestion... arg... anyway, nite nite.... i'll re-read, and take suggestions, and if you can point me to some articles/proof, then i'll do all that too, nite yall. :-p

ps: i'd hate to see how you people talk to your grandma when trying to teach her how to use a pc.....
a b V Motherboard
June 19, 2007 6:22:33 AM


Cool'n'Quiet is a CPU speed throttling and power saving technology introduced by AMD with their Athlon 64 processor line. It works by reducing the processor's clock rate and voltage when the computer has low utilization. The aim of this technology is to reduce overall power consumption and lower heat generation, allowing for slower (thus quieter) cooling fan operation. Hence the name Cool'n'Quiet. The technology is similar to Intel's SpeedStep technology and AMD's own PowerNow! scheme, however these were developed with the aim of increasing laptop battery life.

Due to their different usage; Cool'n'Quiet on desktop and server chips, while PowerNow! is used for mobile chips — the technologies are similar, but not exactly equivalent. This technology was also introduced on "e-stepping" Opteron's, however it is called Optimized Power Management, which is essentially a re-tooled Cool'n'Quiet scheme designed to work with registered RAM.

Cool'n'Quiet requires processor drivers / Cool'n'Quiet software to be installed in order to correctly work in Windows, but is supported by the powernow-k8 option in modern Linux kernels.


2005 - AMD Athlon™ 64 Cool'n'Quiet Driver Version 1.50.03 Linux - AMD Athlon 64 Cool'n'Quiet Driver Version 1.50.03 for Linux 2.6 series kernels. Provides support for AMD Cool'n'Quiet technology for Linux systems. Adds support for 2.6.10 and later kernels. Requires cpufreq-1.20, cpuspeed-1.20.1, or powersaved-0.8.19 or later to support SMP and dual-core systems.

2006- AMD Athlon™ 64/FX Processor Driver for Windows XP and Windows Server 2003 Version (x86 and x64 exe) - Allows the system to automatically adjust the CPU speed, voltage and power combination that match the instantaneous user performance need. Download this Setup Installation program (EXE) to automatically update all the files necessary for installation. This package is recommended for users whom desire a graphical user interface for installation. This .EXE driver is a user friendly localized software installation of the driver designed for end-users. This driver supports AMD Athlon 64/FX processors on Windows XP SP2, Windows 2003 SP1 x84 and x64 Editions.

AMD Athlon™ 64 Processor Cool'n'Quiet Software for Windows ME and Windows 2000, Version - AMD Cool'n'Quiet! Technology allows the system to dynamically and automatically select the CPU speed, Voltage and Power combination that match the instantaneous user perfomance need. These changes can happen as often as 30 times per second. Note: This driver is for Desktop Athlon 64 systems only.
June 19, 2007 6:26:35 AM

If you want "Proof" and aren't willing to trust the word of members of the forum then why bother asking us?

If you had have done a Google yourself you could've found the information skittle posted easily and without bothering everyone else.
June 19, 2007 6:35:01 AM

"I'm not dumb enough to run windows as my main os...."

mmhmm, and instead you chose linux for dummies.

um i have a stack of 100 ubuntu cds rite next to me ( i dont use ubuntu) i am apart of the HBLUG but i still run windows as my main OS its called being able to Game you should try it one day. i think a good percentage of the forum members on tom's have Linux running on a computer somewhere in there house or work so don't pull out that where dumb because we use windows

you wont prof then go to amds website and have a read of what thay say then email your motherboard tech support and ask them

you are asking the question but your not reading the reply there are about 6 people all trying to tell you, if you don't wont to take our word for it then dont F*&^in as the question, you ask for prof and skittle posted some images what more can you wont
a b V Motherboard
June 19, 2007 6:46:29 AM

Ive used ubuntu.. its installed on my moms, my sisters and my aunts PC (she hardly knows how to type). And it is nice, and simple. I was just making sure that he knew we wernt impressed with his l337 linux skillz..perhaps if he had chosen a distro that actually requires you to operate outside the GUI it might not have been so comical :roll:
June 19, 2007 6:50:36 AM

sorry skittle i replyed to the wrong post

i can understand now why people on toms get so hostile towards people now lol
a b V Motherboard
June 19, 2007 6:54:38 AM

the hostility comes from frustration. :)  <3
June 19, 2007 7:01:25 AM

har har har.

*beep*cking dumb ass ubuntu kiddie running gnome thinking he's cool.
Pard' me nachowarrior but do you really think you know *nix enough to flame windows? Heck you can't even put a complete sentence together along with your overused ellipses. You can't even grasp the simple concept of "cool 'n' quiet" after so many of us explained it to you.

We can provide help but if you want proof, go do a research paper on it. Fact is, you are the one claiming the article is wrong, the burden of proof is on you. We don't have to produce any proof, we are not claiming the article is erroneous.

As I have stated before, you deserve all of the flaming. You don't know how to listen, you don't do any research and yet you ask for 'proofs'. Your own existence poses a challenge to human intelligence. I'm baffled that you even have the audacity to flame back at others, does your ignorance have no bound?

Yes, I have called you 'dumb', 'kiddie' and other names as well, but did I provide proofs? I certainly did.
June 19, 2007 7:17:57 AM


We can provide help but if you want proof, go do a research paper on it. Fact is, you are the one claiming the article is wrong, the burden of proof is on you. We don't have to produce any proof, we are not claiming the article is erroneous.

+1 and well put.
June 19, 2007 7:42:36 AM


We can provide help but if you want proof, go do a research paper on it. Fact is, you are the one claiming the article is wrong, the burden of proof is on you. We don't have to produce any proof, we are not claiming the article is erroneous.

+1 and well put.

i agress :p 
June 19, 2007 7:44:20 AM

Alright, I'm no genius ....

You are right here my friend. You have observed your "Q-Fan" feature (bios controlled fan depending on cpu temp). Q&Q is more sophisticated and YES it needs OS support to run. Bios alone is not providing info about CPU load but the os does.

Conclusion "Q-Fan" will control your fan rpm and Q&Q will control your CPU multiplier and voltage ... it will down clock it.
June 19, 2007 9:00:33 AM

Why would AMD go to the trouble of providing drivers for it if the drivers were not needed? :?

I would think that AMD would brag about it if their version of Intel's own Speedstep feature did not require drivers just like Intel's does and I would also be impressed! :wink:

Think about it.
June 19, 2007 10:13:40 AM

honestly, why don't you go argue with a teenager in a chat room about who's hotter "paris hilton or Brittany spears" yeah... that's where you should be... because this isn't a place to argue, this is a place to ask for knowledge and fact.... go look at some porn and stop wasting my time... back your opinions up. :-p

Who's brittany spears????

You are right!

This is not a place to argue.

Then why are you so stupid to argue when you are given the proof that

you asked for?