Please help me with my wireless router....

Ok my girlfriend moved in. She has a laptop, I have a pc with dsl modem.
I hooked up her linksys wireless router following the instructions on the cd step by step. I know everything is hooked up correctly.
I can get online with the laptop, but cant get online with my pc. My pc connects fine when I hook it straight to my dsl modem.

I guess its not properly configured for my pc but the instructions dont get into that. According to the instructions, if you follow all the steps it shoudl work, but I get a router cannot connect to internet error, even though the laptop gets online just fine.

Can anyone figure this out? suggestions?
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  1. Try disabling wireless security in the router and firewall(s) in your computer temporarily and see if you can connect then.
  2. How do I disable wireless security in the router? How do I get to it on the pc?
  3. Did you not get a manual or quick start sheet with the router ?

    Basically you address the user interface via your browser address bar (usually and a sign in box should appear. Depending on brand the default User name is admin and Password is often admin or password. Once you get in look for wireless security settings.

    If in doubt, go to the website of the router/modem manufacturer and download the manual. It'll contain what you need to know.
  4. No I do not have a manual. I have the cd with the step by step instructions. Ive followed them 5 times and the laptop gets online just fine but I cannot get my pc online. During the steps I am able to login with admin.

    Basically you address the user interface via your browser address bar (usually and a sign in box should appear.

    Can you explain that in English, I dont know what your talking about address user interface. What does that mean?
  5. Sorry to seem technobabbly. The user interface is an area of the firmware in the router which allows the user to make changes to the way the router works. Most routers allow you to access the interface via Internet Explorer by typing in the IP address of the router.

    Especially when fiddling with wireless settings this is best done using an ethernet cable to link the computer to the router using the network socket on the computer and one of the network ports on the router.

    It sounds as if you have actually been doing this anyway if you have reached the sign-in box.

    Once in, select wireless security and disable it and then try connecting by wireless. Once you have a reliable wireless connection try applying one of the security protocols (WPA is easier and safer) creating a password and then applying it to the wireless adapter's utilities in Windows.
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