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My old computer running Win XP Home crashed. I purchased a new computer running Win Vista Home Premium. Here is my problem and question.

I removed the old hard drive from the Win XP (non-functioning-the power supply died) computer, and installed it into an external hard drive enclosure. I connected it to the new computer via USB, running Win Vista. No problem recognizing hard drive and was able to find (with some "looking" - a HP computer after all) the pictures and downloaded them to the new Vista computer. No problem.

Now I want to find the outlook express emails and transfer them to Vista Window Mail. BIG PROBLEM. Cannot find the .dbx files. Vista won't find them. I searded the outlook express program file folder for any .dbx files and came up empty. Obviously they are the, but I can't get access to them to copy or do anything.

Looking on the Web, everyone says the path. But I cant run Win XP on the old hard drive to show hidden files. I can't change the settings. So, evidently, Vista won't recognize them either. Extremely frustrating. My wife would pay a million dollars to find them (If we had a million, Ha!).

There has to be a way to find these files, SOMEHOW!!! Please help. Vista does not display anything on the path after documents and settings on the old hard drive. (so Local Settings/Application Data/Identities is out of the question).

Is there any help out there. PLEASE! HELP!!
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  1. C:\Documents and Settings\<User Name>\Local Settings\Application Data\Identities\{Long string of letters & numbers}\Microsoft\Outlook Express
  2. Thanks for the reply.

    I figured (with a comment from another forum), to do a search with a computer running win XP. Our laptop runs it, so I connected the external HD, did a search in XP (marking to show hidden files), and there they were. I copied to clipboard, created a new folder in documents, pasted them into it and burned them to a DVD.

    Put the DVD in our new Vista computer, imported them into Window Mail. Worked. There were some of the emails that Windows Mail would not import, but I found a free outlook express email reader (Mail View), and am able to read the emails from the DVD in that program.

    So, thank you for the help, anyway. My wife is happy ;)
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