PS/2 Mouse and Keyboard moving extremly slow

I've had a couple machines (HP compaq 7900) that after awhile the PS/2 mice and keyboard start to move extremly slow. I checked the settings and they are set correctly. They even move extremly slow in safe mood and in the BIOS menu. If I replace them with USB mice and keyboard, the problem disapears, problem is I'm all out of USB all I have left are PS/2. I can't seem to find if the problem is windows updates or what....we have about 200 machines, all same model, that get updates at the same time, so if that were it then it would reason that it would be an issue with all the computers. Any ideas as to what might be causing this issue?
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  1. You might want to take a look at getting USB Hubs...

    As for the PS/2 connections, check your Device Manager.
    You could try deleting the PS/2 device listing and rebooting.
    This should cause a reinstall of the driver.

    However, I think your best bet is the USB Hub.
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