Control Itunes on another PC via remote desktop?

I was wondering what the best solution would be for controling itunes remotly from another pc. I have my library on my main desktop that is hooked up to my home theater system. I want to be able to control my desktop's itunes from my laptop so I can be anywhere in or outside and change songs. I tried remote desktop, but no sound will come from my speakers so I am assuming you can not control itunes via remote desktop. Any ideas???
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  1. Are you trying to control what is playing on the remote desktop or are you trying to stream the music to the laptop? Two different things.

    Do you have Remote sounds set to "bring to this computer" in options or "leave at remote computer"?
  2. I never saw that setting. I will check it out later tonight. Thanks! I want to play music on the desktop that is hooked up to my home theater system. I just want to control it with the laptop when I am on the deck or away from the PC.
  3. Yeah, you can use any kind of remote control tool. Any kind of that like TW or Ammyy Admin or any else.
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