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i have a laptop 64 bit machine and i have been told that tiger woods 08 will not run on a 64 bit true or false thanks
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  1. I don't know if this is the same game you referring to:

    Tiger Woods PGA Tour 08-HATRED

    A friend of mine have Tiger Woods PGA Tour 08-HATRED
    in his computer & that game work great & he is running
    the game
    on a 64-bit Vista machine with 2GB RAM, 2×2.4GHz CPU and 8800GTX
    video card, so that’s quite an old system.
    Also he has all graphics
    options set to maximum and the game looks quite good, but nothing
    extremely spectacular.

    Tiger Woods Forum : TW Caddie 08 Support
    Vista/XP 64 Bit Users - BETA


  2. works just fine on an x64 machine
    almost any game does... especially new ones
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