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I have got a virus or something in my computer (laptop) as soon as I login to my account NOTHING COMES UP... Only one Virus screen that starts to show up and don't give me any options...and task manager is not there too?

I tried safe modes but it is the same as normal..Nothing in last known good configuration..

Only Safe Mode with Command Prompt works properly but nothing else...?

In safe mode with command prompt I have no idea what to do?

Any help? Any suggestions what I can do? I really don't want to be installing fresh new windows on my laptop

Currently, my dell laptop is running on Windows Vista. (no more support left from Dell).

---I also tried diagnostic tool but didn't get any problems

Please help me out :)
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    Hope the following URL will help you out:

    How To Manually Remove a Virus from Your Computer Safe Mode Command Prompt

    How To Manually Remove Viruses! - a short tutorial

    How To Remove Virus Without Using Antivirus Program: (Video)

    Virus? Only start in safe mode...

    Virus Removal in Safe Mode:

    What To Do If You Computer Is Infected With A Virus

    Bon Courage..
  2. u may also want to try inserting the windows disk and after language selection, click repair
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