Windows xp and Intel Core i7-950 processor

I bought a computer with Intel Core i7-950 processor, below are the details:

Studio XPS 435MT, Intel Core i7-950 processor(8MB L3 Cache 3.06GHz)
1 311-9901 8GB DDR3 SDRAM AT 1066MHZ-2X2GB/4x1GB,X
1 320-0908 Nvidia GeForce GTS 240
1 341-8399 Serial ATA II RAID 1 With Dual500GB Hard Drives
1 421-0085 Microsoft Windows Vista SP1 Ultimate 64-Bit Edition English

I have a question, would windows xp professional x64 work on this system? Is it compatible?

Do I need to get x64 or 64-bit? It seems there are 2 versions called x64 and 64 bit.
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  1. Unless XP 64 system drivers are provided by the Mfg., uninstalling Vista 64 and installing XP 64 is a terrible idea. Vista 64 is a much more capable OS than XP 64, which will take some computer savvy to iron out driver support for system hardware. Keep Vista 64, it has far less driver issues, in fact better driver support and will run any apps Windows XP 64 will.
  2. Why would you ever do that, go from a good OS to an ancient one that is far inferior. XP64 is a nightmare, it has no drivers, as soon as you get something that isn't super popular there will be no driver support for it and even if it is its hard to find and usually pretty crappy, i'll be honest i wen't through some of those problems. Save yourself stress,time,and anger and stay with vista. Unless you are absolutly sure your hardware is supported, I would check all its manufacturers then i would not do this.
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