Need some help plz.

i need to know exactly how to install maps to cod4.i have made the usermap file and have loaded my maps in it with their own i am friend had it figured out how to make the maps list without the use of a mod.we had to shut down the server to change maps which is fine as it is a private server.any help would be much appreciated.i have tried every technique used on the net still havent found one that works.i wouldnt ask but i reformated without backing up my i lost everything:( thanks.
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  1. If you referring to Call Of Duty 4 then give the following URL a whirl:

    How To Install A CoD4 Map Manually

    How to install COD 4 Map tools

    How to install Maps - Call of Duty 4 Forums

    How to Install Call of Duty 4 Maps

    Adding CoD4 Maps to your Server

    bon courage..
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