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I am at a nice hotel in green bay right now, and I cannot get internet from the wireless connections they have. It connects fine (5 bars) but there is no internet on my machine. It is not the browser i am using becuase programs that connect to the internet (games) cannot get anything either. When I plug in the wired it works fine. What is the problem?
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  1. Probably the hotel is using wireless security and/or access control which will not affect wired connection. Ask at the front desk for a password etc.
  2. Nope there is no password or anything. There are several other people in my group with laptops that worked right off the bat.
  3. Do the site survey etc utilities that came with your wireless adapter (or does Windows network interface) detect the hotel wireless signal ?

    I know this sounds stupid -- but have you switched on wireless -- a colleague describes driving several miles to visit customer who had missed the little switch on the side of a laptop.
  4. Hi folks, I not trying to hijack this thread but I have a similar problem.
    Like you gigman, I can't get to internet but I have a good wireless connection showing on my laptop. I can connect fine on my desktop. Both systems are wireless, the xp laptop has a netgear card which was working perfectly up till 3 days ago, the desktop uses a belkin usb adapter. I can connect to the router from both machines. Can anybody offer some help?


    PS. I've found the answer - its affectted people with zonealarm firewall.
    Uninstall ms update KP951748
  5. I don't have the zonealarm firewall, or any firewall right now. Yes the switch is on, and know there was no survey or anything (Idon't know exactly what you mean by that).
  6. Gigman: The site survey I refer to is a part of the utilities that comes with all wireless adapters -- it displays the available wireless network signals in the area. Windows has a similar facility which you can locate in Control Panel, Network Connections.

    If you find that utility, you'll be able to see whether your wireless is working and hopefully identify which signal you need to connect to and the security standard they are using (WPA or WEP).
  7. Bah I'm having the same problem in my hotel. The vista laptop was working, I rebooted and now it won't goto the internet even though it says full signal. I can however access the internet on this XP laptop.
    It's one of them hotels where it takes you to a login page to access the internet first. The vista laptop won't even make it to that!
  8. Yes, I can see the network signals, and I can connect to the network at 5 bars but there is no internet connection.
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