Internet via USB adapter and local network via wired router?

i've tried searching the forums and i've seen similar posts, but nothing that has been able to help me out.
i'm a real networking noob, so please bear with me.

i am accessing internet via a USB adapter, with the router in my neighbour's apartment (he is my friend and he gave me the password, i gave him the router that we are using too). i wanted to set up a wireless media device, squeezebox, to my living room home sound system. i picked up a cheap router (gigafast WF719) and plugged this into my computer via the LAN line. when the computer sees this 2nd network connection, i cannot access internet anymore via the USB adapter. both connections seem "alive".

how should i configure this setup so that the computer knows to use the USB adapter for its internet connection?

how should i configure the router? setup as a "gateway", "bridge", or "wireless isp"?

any help would be greatly appreciated.

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  1. How exactly is your internet hooked up? Are you saying that your modem provided by your ISP plugs into your computer via USB, and then you have a router hooked up to your computer's NIC? Then, you want to be able to have other devices use the internet from your computer's internet connection?

    I think I may see where you're going, but I'm still a little puzzled. I've heard of modems that have USB ports for the connection to the Internet, but even still I'd recommend using ethernet at all possible. It's just more flexible.

    Maybe you could create a diagram of your network setup?
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