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Wanted to ask if i can use the Vista Home Premium 32-bit cd that came with my TOSHIBA laptop to install that OS on my desktop PC.

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    OS coming with branded laptops are OEM disks.
    They are to serve the particular brand only.
    OEM licenses are not transferable, they are kinda locked with the System, it got installed.
    Even though it gets installed, you cannot activate windows, with OEM key.
  2. Sometimes it has a bios locked. OEM Install CD has a program is check BIOS for the laptop that is came with. If it doesn't match can't install.
  3. Thanks:)
  4. OEM install discs are usually an operating system "image" which contains the necessary drivers packed in with the O/S. These drivers install during the O/S install process. Therefore, most OEM discs scan the hardware of the host machine before commencing the install, and will reject the installation entirely if the hardware on the host machine isnt what the install disc expects i.e the exact hardware of that model laptop/desktop.

    Hope this helps.
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  6. Thanks to everybody for their inputs and explanations:)
  7. You are always welcome to this forum with any kind of system problems! :)
    We are here to help you any time :)

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