Dead CPU (AMD64) or dead motherboard (Biostar 6100-939)

I have a nearly year old Biostar 6100-939 board with a AMD64 4000 cpu. Things were going fine til this weekend when it failed to startup - I don't even get to a post screen.

When plugged in, the green "power on light" on my case is lit and two of the four motherboard LEDs are lit (numbers 3 and 4 as read from left to right).

According to the 6100 manual, if LEDs one and two are out, then it is a "CPU / Chipset Error."

LED 3 being on shows that "This LED indicates the voltage of memory is activated normally."
LED 4 on shows that "This LED indicates the system is ready for Power-on."

The other thing i have noticed is that if I press the on-board reset button, the case fan and the graphics card fan both spin for about a second and then stop. The CPU fan does not spin.

Does this suggest a bad CPU over a bad motherboard?

So far, all I've done is take things apart and put them back together, but still I get the same error/situation.

While I did build this computer, I am finding that it was easier to start from scratch than to figure out what isn't working now (especially with no replacement parts on hand).

The only other thing I can mention is that between the last time the computer was working and now, I had to throw the circuit breaker for that part of the house several times to fix a broken outlet. The computer was off at the time and is downstream of a surge protector - everything else on the surge protector is working fine. Hopefully this part is just a strange coincidence.

Thanks for any help
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  1. Can you borrow a PSU to test it? Strip down to motherboard, CPU and PSU, should beep for memory error. If not, is one of those 3. You may have to get a local shop to prove which bit is faulty.

  2. Pardon my ignorance, but would a dead power supply still give enough power to light the LEDs and spin the fans, albeit for about one second?

    I was reading newegg reviews of the power supply that came with the case (an Antec Sonata II) and lots of people have said their power supply died in the 8-12 month range. Exactly where I am right now ...

    Thanks again
  3. A dead PSU wouldn't. A FAULTY PSU can easily fail to startup correctly. At switch on there is a power surge as everything starts up and this can trigger a shutdown on a faulty PSU.

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