What is the best way to update drivers in a old computer

i pulled out an ancient dektop computer that i want to give to the folks to use as a internet computer since theirs is dying (it is even older)

the computer that im trying to revive is a athlon 64 3200 single core, 256mb ram, asus a8n-e mobo and xfx 6600le videocard.

i reinstalled win xp on it from scratch since it was really slow and full of crap but now i cant find the drivers cds for all the parts and the defaults are obviously terrible - just moving a window on desktop is giving is making gfx card choke and i cant even get default sound drivers to work at all (hoping thats not a hardware issue)

i googled a bit but dont want to get spyware by visiting some of those questionable drivers collection sites.

xfx site wants me to register just to get a driver and i cant be bothered with that.

anyone can recommend where/how i can make this thing work decent?

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  2. thank you.
    gfx and audio work well now
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