Changing IP on Windows 2000 SQL server, consequences?

Hey guys, I've never played with servers much before, so bear with me. At my new work, we have a Windows 2000 server running SQL, and we have our own internal network. What we are doing, we have another department moving into the same building as many of the other administration, and with some of the security issues and what not, I think we are going to have to change all of the IP addresses across our network there to accomodate some of those issues.

My question is, on the server, I don't know exactly all it runs, but I know there are some accounting programs/records it keeps track of, among a few other things, been searching, can't really find a straight answer. What I need to know, is when we change this IP address on the server, are there any issues we are going to run into? Like will we need to worry about losing any databases or anything like that? Again, I've got my degree in computers/networking, but I've never been in this deep, so I don't want to do anything or tell my boss to do something without a little input. What do you guys think?
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  1. Bump...anybody?
  2. As long as your DNS is updated and no programs connect to IP address but use the FQDN (Fully Qualified Domain Name) you sould be fine. But make absolutely sure that no application connects to the IP address, because they won't work after renumbering. SQL itself uses FQDN's to connect, and AD does as well.
  3. calyn, thanks so much, I really really appreciate it. Like I said, I've never had to play with stuff on this end before, I'm a computer tech/nerd, but have never done it from the server side. Thanks again.
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