Can't connect Laptop, WEP problems, clueless

Basically I'm trying to set up a Wireless Connection with a Lap-top. In the settings, it has the option for an access key. It asks for a 40 bit or 104 bit WEP key. In the router it only gives me a 128-bit WEP ENCRYPTION key. I'm kind of clueless here on getting it working without turning off the security entirely. Does anyone have any tips?

Also if anyone could tell me how to access WPA security on a XP laptop I would be grateful as well.
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  1. Best post a screen of each. If you're talking about the Windows Zero Wireless, you can enter any length of key when asked and the key will be saved auto until you change it in the router.

    Bring up this window:

    Double-click your SSID from router and enter the key/password. Works for every type of supported encrypted from WEP, WPA to WPA2.

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