New Build : Bench Marks

Hello All, Hope everyone is doing well today.... I just built my Rig and wanted to know if these are good bench marks. Any suggestions or comments would be great.

3Dmark05 : 15607
PCmark05 : 7700

Also, I wanted to know if My temps are right?

40c Idle
50c gaming
65c Orthos stress test at 100% cpu and memory

System :
32c Idle
38c Gaming

58c Idle
72c Gaming

Windows Xp Home sp2
Intel E6700
Zalman 9700 CPU cooler
WD raptar x 150gb
OCZ GameXtreme 850 PSU
Corsair Dominator 8500 2x 2GB * Running at 1066
EVGA 8800gts OC
SB X-fi Fata1ity sound card
EVGA 680i mobo* Current Bio drivers
Seagate 250 Baracodia *non-raid
NZXT Zero case
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  1. It looks to be about right.At least for what you're running.No worries dude,enjoy what you have.Goodluck.


    AMD X2 5600+ @ 2.8ghz(stock)
    2 GIGS DDR2 800 RAM
    ACER 22IN. LCD
    80GIG/250gig SATA2 HD's
    XP MCE
  2. The only thing I dont understand, at startup it is on 40c.... And stays there for awhile till I start gaming for hours at a time and goes to about 48 51c..

    The first time I used the zalman grease and it started at 34c on startup.. I had to RMA my board and desided to try the artic 5.. Now its at 40c at startup.. I have had my PC for about a week now..

    Any suggestion way?

    kind regards...
  3. How about your room temperature? Your PC temps most definitely will go up and down with the ambient temp. I have to clock down my OC PCs in hot weather. Even with my AC on (which is kind of weak) my ambient temp is several degrees (c) higher.

    The Arctic Silver ppl also say that over a period of time your temps will drop as the AS sets in properly. This process happens faster if the PC is turned off periodically.
  4. Thanks for getting back to me.. This community has been really great!

    The temps in my room have been about the same since my RMA board. I wonder if the zalman grease was better... Some people say my temps are fine and some say there high...

    I use my pc daily for about 12-15 hours then turn it off when i sleep.. Its off for about 9 hours.. is that ok for artic?

    Im so confused on what to do.. Thanks for all the help and feedback..
  5. I think your temps look fine, I know 40C or 50C sounds really hot but seems to be a fairly average temp. when I saw that the temps on my old prossesor were around 50C it suprised me to, but it seemed to work fine even about 4years later it is still runing as a firewall I'm trying to build.

    Also my brother's P4 computer was getting too hot and triggering an alarm that would make the computer beep annoyingly, when he called me to fix the beeping one thing i checked was the temp and it was at about 80C 8O (a bit above the selected alarm temp) turns out his problem was he had a huge load of dust in the case. after spraying it out the temp dropped by about 20C or more, and the beeping stopped. his computer still runs fine now even after that. So I think you should be safe with 40C to 50C.

    If the temp is still a worry the good news is I think that the C2Ds should throttle down to help prevent damage if they get too hot.

    I hope that helps
  6. Your temps are definitely OK. That is not to say some improvement isn't possible. You may be slightly on the high side of normal for a stock c2d.

    What utility are you using to measure them? Try using Speedfan That will break it down pretty well and is a utility we are all familier with. Different programs may measure at different locations so it helps to know what program is being used.

    The GPU temp is ok. Those things run pretty hot under load.
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