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A guy in my office is having trouble printing in order using the photo printing wizard. He is trying to PDF some documents. We scan then into the PC in the right order, and they are numbered in the right order. When we select them and hit print the wizard pops up and they are out of order. I have also tried doing it by the date modified option. Anyone have any ideas?
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  1. got this from another thread on the internet, I tried it and it worked for me too

    This is what I ended up doing:

    I had page1.jpg, page2.jpg, etc. I used the Photo Printing Wizard (right-click > Print) on the first one then selected all of them. I chose a full page crop view and printed to PDFCreator. It does indeed create a page for each image. Handy.

    The starting with one bit is important - otherwise it gets them out of order. Also, I don't know if the file name bit makes a difference or if you could just arrange the files in the right order in the folder. And... I'm using XP and I would guess it's pretty much the same for Vista and 7.
  2. for years I had this annoying problem bothering me too. This it realy works.
    I Just sellected the first file, then Photo Printing Wizard (right-click > Print) and before clicking on NEXT, I sellected the rest of the files. Then when clicking on NEXT all the files appears but only the first one apears to be checked (sellected). Then sellect the rest of the files. At my first try the files appeared to be order of 1,2,3,4...
    thank you guys
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