Moving from mac to windows, need similar apps

i am moving from snow leopard to windows 7 and wanted to know if anyone had advice on similar apps to the ones i will miss. thanks


little snitch
drive genius 3
clean my mac
the mac dock
istat pro

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  1. Congrats on making the logical switch :)

    It looks like the main things you want are HDD management, Security, and a few mac-like visual enhancements.

    I would suggest getting CCleaner and Defraggler (both by Piriform) for the HDD management, which will replace Drive Genious 3 and Clean My Mac.

    For the Mac Dock, RocketDock is made to emulate the Mac Dock.

    For iStat Pro, I would suggest Speccy (also from Piriform)

    For Little Snitch, a good router with built in firewall in combination with the Windows firewall should suffice unless you are into serious hacking and whatnot. In which case, I would recommend a UNIX based OS, but that's just me :P

    As far as Quicksilver goes, you may want to try SlickRun. I've never used it, but I hear it's the best windows alternative to Quicksilver.

    Also, did I mention that all of these softwares are free?
    Welcome to the world of not being a mac :P
  2. cool thanks for the info i appreciate it!

    one quick question, do the CCleaner and Defraggler run all the time like Drive Genius?

    everything else looks nice i will be sure to check them out and use them!
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