Vista Driver Problem *Need Serious Help!*

Alright so just recently I put my computer on sleep before going to work, Once I got back home I went to log on but my keyboard and mouse stopped working ( Both Are USB Ports).
So I restarted and still nothing, and I couldn't get passed the login screen or have any reaction from them though my keyboard seems to work in my bios etc.. so I know it's not the kb or mouse since I have it dual boot with a windows 7 trial version and everythins working (Thats what im typing this on)

I borrowed a PS/2 kb and mouse and now I can log into vista but I found out that my network drivers arent working and neither are my usb ports.
I've tried reinstalling the drivers on my mobo disc but thats not working and in device manager all of the network drivers are yellow as well as one of the usb controllers.

I've tried enabling/disabling safe mode install and nothigns working, I cant restore to a previous date either since I didnt have system restore enabled ( stupid )

I've tried googling this for the passed two days and no avail so im asking you guys for help, I only have 1 more day left of the trial and after that I cant get on the internet to search so please help!!!

Thanks in advance! - Admanthemadman! :sweat:
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  1. With reference to your Device Manager's yellow marks, refer to
  2. No Gandalf that link doesn't to seem to help one bit. I already knew all of what it told me.
    MY problem is that the drivers aren't installing at all, or if they are installed, sometimes the network drivers don't show any problems and sometimes they do but regardless if it says its working or not im still not getting a internet connection.
    same goes with my usb devices.

    Does really no one where have a fix?
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