Rosewill PCI Wireless adapter RNX-G300(E) Driver Issue Fix for Vista

Everyone can disregard this post. I had trouble installing my wireless PCI card on my new rig that runs Vista 32 but found a fix for it. I am just posting this info so that this comes up on a google search in case anyone comes across this issue in the future.

My issue was that my Rosewill PCI wireless adapter RNX-300(E) could not be installed in Vista 32-bit with 4GB of RAM. I had it working just fine on XP 32-bit but Vista just wouldn't do anything with the installation CD.

Step 1: Throw your install CD out of the window and go to this site and download the Vista driver for more than 2G

Step 2: go into your windows\system32\drivers\ folder and delete the driver file WMRVW13B.sys (that is the junk driver used by the wireless card in Vista)

Step 3: extract the file from the rosewill page and you will find two folders that you need to use. First access the folder RNX-G100 300E for System Memory more than 2G\Drv\Vista x86. Drag and drop the WMRVW13B.sys file from the Vista x86 folder to your windows\system32\drivers folder.

Step 4: Restart your computer and go into device manager. It should have a yellow ! on the wireless device. Double click on it and in the driver tab select update driver. Hopefully now it will show up with no issues in device manager. The device should say "Marvell Lbertas 802.11b/g Wireless Client Adapter"

Step 5: Next you need the program. That also doesn't install from the CD so good thing you through it out of the window just in case you were tempted to go back and use the CD. Go back into the downloaded file and look in the GUI folder for the application named Mrv800x . Make a shortcut on your desktop to the application and open it up. Setup your wireless profile as normal and you should be able to connect.
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  1. Please sticky or don't delete this post. This is the only fix that worked for me! I've tried various drivers but manually installing as listed above works great!
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