Vista not recognising AV installed

Hi guys,
I'm having to re-instate one of our old sales guys laptops to give to the new guy and whatever the previous guy did to it, it now won't recognise that it has AVG installed (and keeps coming up with the red X on the taskbar)

anyone know how to get windows to recognise that it has a valid AV package installed

I have already tried uninstalling and re-installing AVG to no avail


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  1. just have it ignore the antivirus
  2. Just change the settings in Security center to ignore about AV.
    Uninstall AVG completely & Install AVIRA Antivir, which is also free, far better than AVG.

    Along with malwarebytes & Ccleaner, Best security combo for all systems
  3. i've always liked Spybot - Search & Destroy
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