Should I install the latest Nvidia Drivers for 8800gts for V

I have Geforece 8800gts 320mb and Windows Vista.

The last Driver I installed was around end of april, beginning of may.

I see that in the Nvidia site there are new drivers that came out Jun 1.

Should I install these? do they increase FPS on games and stuff?

or should I just stick with mine?
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  1. egva has the newest drivers for 8800s 158.45 for vista. nvidia has the 158.24. i dont know which one is better for you but i m using the egva's 158.48 and i think its good.
  2. it wont hurt you :roll: maybe some new features :lol: a fps there another elsewhere :)
  3. how do I completely remove my old drivers?
  4. First remove them through your "add/remove programs", then use driver cleaner pro.
  5. You can uninstall them in the Add/Remove programs, or I believe now (might want to check) that the latest Nvidia drivers will remove the previous ones when prompted during installation, if they have not yet already been removed.
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