Push to talk problem with ventrillo

i have vent working ok, but when i push the talk button, i get a repeated noise while i keep the button depressed, any thoughts guys how i can solve this?
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  1. bit more info, the noise im getting is the ping noise when the push to talk key is enabled, a repeating pinging noise. i can hear it but my friends who im communicating cant...gets annoying
  2. I had that problem too when I first started using Vent. Here's the config you need for it to go away.

    In the area that sets up the PTT (push to talk), you should have the first 2 boxes checked, the 3rd unchecked, the 4th checked and the 5th unchecked. That should allow you to use PTT and also avoid the repeating beeps while talking.

    How it should look

    Hope this helped!
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