Do i need the standoffs for the motherboard with p182 chassi

When i screw in the standoffs before the motherboard in my Antec p182 chassi the I/O plate doesnt line up. The motherboard is to high so i cant get the ports into the I/O-plate.

Do i really need the standoffs?
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  1. I'm 99.9% sure you need the stand-offs. The p182 (from the picture) does not have raised spots for mobos, which would indicate that you definitely need them( comes with standoffs :P). Try putting the mobo in at an angle (The I/O side in first) and getting them in and then screw down the opposite side. It's possible you might have to bend the board slightly (or the I/O panel)in that case, but hopefully(probably) not.
  2. Use the standoffs that came with your case. It's quite possible however, that they are too long. There are half sized standoffs as well. It may be helpful to contact Anted customer support (they are good!) to see what they recommend.
  3. hmm I wonder which I/O-plate you are using, the one that came with the case or the one that came with the mobo..
  4. Im using the I/O plate that came with my motherboard. I think there already is standoffs inside the chassi (it is 6+ raised spots inside and they are as long as the standoffs i got with my motherboard so i cant use both i think), and if not i have gotten the wrong standoffs with my motherboard because it raises the motherboard so that the I/O plate doesnt fit.
  5. Quote:
    it is 6+ raised spots inside

    You will not need the standoffs you got with mobo. Those 6+ raised spots are used in place of stanoffs.
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