Please help me build a HTPC! Mini-ITX or MATX?


I got a fileserver with some music and movies on and I would like a PC in my livingroom that can access it and play it on the TV/stereo.

I got two diffrent setups in mind, maybe you can help me deside?

The first one is based on a Lian-Li PC-C35B case and a Intel E4300 CPU. Im not sure what MB i need and also how the fan on a E4300 will work in this case since the hight is so low (only 9cm). Do you have any suggestions?

The 2nd one I am considering is a Mini-ITX from Silverstone. The case, Silverstone SST-LC09B looks very nice with a 60W PSU. Im thinking of a VIA EPIA MII12000G motherboard/cpu, but im open to suggestions if you know something better.

Both use a 3,5" HD so I would also appreciate it if you know any good, SILENT HDDs. I only need enough GB to store a OS and some random files, so anything from 40GB and up is fine.

I hope those who know what they are talking about can lend a helping hand :)

I havent desided what OS to run yet, but in any case there will be a bluetooth key/mouse connected to operate it. (no remote)
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  1. Given you're only using this for an audio/video source I'd go with AMD either X2 3600 or 3800 and either an ASUS or ABIT mobo

    The ABIT is really nice of an HTPC but the one I got was bad and ended up with a couple of the above ASUS. Both boards have a load of features. I'd go with 2GB of RAM given the price but 1GB would work
  2. Thanks but thats not really the issue.

    How will the fan work in a case so low?

    Im 100% im gonna stick to the E4300 , just need to work out the cooling.
  3. Zalman makes a low profile cooler, the CNPS8000, that is great for small cases. It supports all standard AMD sockets, as well as intel 775.
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