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Hey guys,
so I recently purchased fraps, thinking it would work perfectly for recording my games, but it doesnt.
Issue 1:
In-game lag. It seems like everytime I try to record some Black Ops footage with fraps, it lags heavily. My normal FPS lay around 80-100fps. When I try to use fraps, the fps drops to about 30fps, even when I have set it to record at 60fps. Sometimes it lag spikes to 2-3 fps, which is ridiculous. I have 2 drives as shown in Windows, 2 drives are RAID0 Intel X-25M SSDs, each 80GB. It has my Black Ops installed on it. The second drive is a Hitachi 500GB, details I am unsure of. If I record with half quality, fraps does not lag. My graphics card is a GTX460 Hawk by MSI, and I have an Intel Core i7 870 OCed @ 3.2ghz. Recording with this machine @60fps & Full Quality should be flawless.

Issue 2:
Sound. WHen I try to record BFBC2 with Fraps, after 1-2 min in game, I'd lose the audio. Meaning, after 1-2 in game, the whole computer seems to be muted. Even if I try to mute it and unmute it, it doesnt work. Is Fraps incompatible with BFBC2? or smthn liek that?

Plz help guys, I am trying to record some BO and BFBC2 HD gameplays and upload to youtube.
P.S. If u kno any good tutorials to make intros using After Effects, I would accept the suggestion.
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  1. Issue 1: Sounds to me like the issue is solely from Fraps. You're experiencing the drop in FPS because the software is recording your screen. Even with a power house system such as your own, you're still going to have lag. In this case, its the program that's the bottleneck; your graphics card could also be playing a small factor too. The scaling in performance for your system (hardware) and a program aren't exactly proportional (though they are directly correlated). The biggest determiner with recording in Fraps and performance while recording is the resolution. Even steeping it down by one category will make a drastic change.

    Issue 2: No idea really. Is this a legit version of Fraps? Also, trying looking up Lynda tutorials for any Adobe software. They are free from the site (sometimes) and are the best in regards to training.

    Good luck!
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