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Previously I was getting a hard shutdown (reboot) when I would launch the TV card to watch the Coaxial input. Windows would reload and state that there system recovered from a error. It linked to a driver error. I tried to reload drivers for the tuner card and attempted on the Video card with minimal luck.

Thinking it was a bug, I reloaded the OS XP SP2. I downloaded the latest Drivers regarding the 9250 Video Card and also downloaded the TV PCI tuner card.

Now currently I am not getting any form of a crash nor error, I am not able to open the "TV" on the secondary monitor. I tried the basic and the Advanced options in the Catalyst for the Video on default and customized setting to see if anything would change, no luck. I can do everything else on the secondary monitor ( Media Player Videos, Word, Excel , IE). When I do look in the Catalyst Console the is now the Theater mode option. The Secondary monitor has the screen black (no video) while I see the Primary has a Picture.

Any thoughts/ideas?

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  1. Actually, this is intentional. It appears that dragging the TV app over to the second display caused instability in the MMC.

    Read it here.

    -Wolf sends
  2. Thanks Wolfshadw For the response and the link.

    I read the other. Hopefully my client is willing to except that answer. What is bad, this was working for 4months straight before this occured.
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