Ati x700 256MB video card driver issue

Hi, have anyone experience any issue with this ati x700 card with the latest driver or previous driver... when I turn on the computer, I get a black screen sometimes but I still hear the starting windows sound. Sometimes the computer just start before the welcome screen, or sometimes I just get lucky and get into windows without any problem. I am pretty sure it’s the driver and I tried a lot of different version of the ati driver but no luck. IF I boot into safe mode, it always work because safe mode doesn't load the video driver... Please help me
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  1. Did you remove ALL Ati software including CCC and WDM drivers? Do this and install your original drivers from the CD you got with the card, after this update to a later version. I had the x850 and noticed that with the newer driver versions (Catalyst 7.1 and up) I actually lost performance in F.E.A.R so try downloading 6.12 or an older version and install that. Don't forget the WDM drivers because they are needed (at least for my card)

  2. Well... I just reinstalled Windows so everything is fresh. I tried version 7 and version 6, both of them are giving me issues
  3. Did you start with 7 and went back to 6? If so, if you don't completely remove all the newer drivers some files will probably not get replaced when you install older versions. I can vaguely remember for me it where the WDM drivers I messed up on, but can't remember ecxactly what the symptoms where. I do remember that after I installed the original drivers from the CD, including WDM, the card worked fine again and the issues went away. Not guaranteeing anything, but it's worth a try.

  4. I heard that the best drivers for those cards were the 6.12 ones im only guessing but it could be that it is the catalist control centre that is causing the issue.
    Try fully uninstalling all drivers and installing ONLY the display drivers if thats a go then you should be able to install the same series ccc etc over the top or just not bother like i did once before when i got hacked of with a similar issue.

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