Who makes this Clean Room (bench)? [picture]

Can someone tell me who makes this bench with air ionizer for hard drive repair etc. The picture appeared in an article on Toms Hardware. here http://www.tomshardware.com/2005/05/30/saving_your_data_after_a_head_crash/page4.html



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  1. Well I don't have an answer but if you don't mind me asking what were you wanting to use it for. From the looks of it I am sure it costs big bucks.
  2. I'm sure it is not cheap, but has to be cheaper then a full blown clean room. It is just a curiosity thing at this point. But it would be used for working on hard drives.
  3. Thank you, I've been to their site. I believe they use this bench but probably aren't the manufacturers.
  4. pick up a copy or gpo online to semiconductor magazine- it's and insustry rag that has adds for all manner of things used in clean room type settings. I have even seen ads for real small clean rooms but as said above I would bet they spendy.
    good luck
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