Which card is better?

Card A = 8500GT 512MB GDDR2 @ $119.99

Card B = 8600GT 256MB GDDR3 @ $149.99

Both PCI-E x16 and both in my budget.

Thanks :D
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  1. B.

    But C would be what do you have now and what do you want to do once you've upgraded?
  2. either get 7900 series or the x1950 series. leave the 8600 and 8500 alone. If you are thinking, i'll get those and play dx10 games in the future...then i doubt you'll get more than 20 or so fps out of any new dx10 game, seeing as even the 8800's are barely pushing 30-50 fps in some cases
  3. Get the X1950Pro, its pretty much the fastest card around $150. The 8600 DX10 support is worth absolutely squat...
  4. Wow, go to a soccer match and look at all the replies I come back to :D

    As for what I have now... nothing, I was just trying to figure out what video card to use that will help keep me in my budget for a new PC... using one for $150 will keep me under $700 (694.91 actually) which was my goal.

    As for 8800 that's just not possible due to lack of funding. The idea of playing DX10 games in the future hasn't really occurred to me... I don't play a lot of new games, I'd like to play Oblivion, I play Titan Quest, and I'd like to start playing Wow and maybe a few other MMORPG's.

    Other than that the only games I see myself playing in the near future are Half Life 2 and maybe Halo 2... or 3 when it comes out? I'm not big into shooters at all really, and that seems to be the majority of new games coming out. I'm really into fantasy/rpg types.

    So uh... I'm going to go look into all those other video cards that were mentioned...

    Thanks again for all the responses.

    OH!! I just remembered, I want to play Battle for Middle Earth 2.... I'm a huge fan of RTS. (SC2 whenever Blizz finally releases it... probably sometime in '09 knowing them)

    Ha, so yea, that's about it really... I could post the whole list of specs for the computer I'm fixing to build and you guys could give me advice on that... that might help? Let me know. Thanks.
  5. the 8600GT is more future proof and offers better shader sets.
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