AGP8X Video Card to go with AsRock Motherboard


I have purchased an AsRock 775i65G Motherboard. It has a slot that says AGP8X 1.5V_AGP1. I'm assuming an AGP is a video card? I'm trying to build my own computer ... not an easy task for me.

I found a Diamond S120 Radeon 9550 256MB DDR / AGP 8X / DI / VGA / TV OUT / Video Card. Is this a good card?

I'm also looking for a modem as I use dial-up. DSL and Cable are not available quite yet in my area. Does anyone have suggestions there as well? Does any of the above items come with a sound card, or do I need to purchase that as well?

Thank you.
Mtnwife46 :roll:
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  1. 9550 is a very old card. whats your budget like??
  2. That motherboard has onboard 5.1 sound.

    The X1950 Pro is pretty much the best band for buck AGP card around at present.
  3. I have already bought: (All prices include shipping and handling)

    1.) AsRock 775i65G Socket 775 Motherboard 2 DDR / 8X AGP / 3 PCI / SATA / VIDEO with an

    Intel Celeron D 326 2.53GHz Socket 775 64-Bit 256K 533MHz FSB, and

    Intel Heavy Duty Approved Heatsink & Fan --- $116.95

    2.) Ultra Wizard Mid Tower ATX Case ULT31580 Black --- $32.73

    3.) FSP Group (Fortron Source) AX450-PN, 12cm FAN, version 2.2, 2 SATA, PCI Express, 450W Power Supply --- $65.25

    4.) 2GB (2 - 1GB) ValueSelect Corsair 184-pin DDR-Dimms Memory Modules -

    5) Lite On LH-20A1H-186 20X Lightscribe Dual DVDRW Black --- $48.80

    6) Seagate Barracude 320GB Sata Hard Drive 16MB 7200 --- $81.80

    7.) Mitsumi Black 1.44MB 3.5" Internal USB 2.0 digital card reader with Floppy Drive - OEM --- $23.98

    Now I'm looking for modem, sound card and AGP card (video).

    The above prices should give you some kind of idea. Should be able to get modem pretty cheap, and not really looking to spend too much on AGP or sound card, but at the same time, want something fairly good to go with the rest of system so I don't have to keep upgrading in the future.

    The Celeron D CPU came as a combo with motherboard. Really wanted a Dual Core. My motherboard will handle Core 2 Extreme / Core 2 Duo / Pentium XE / Pentium D / Pentium 4 / Celeron D supporting Quad Core Kentsfield processors. Don't know if I have to replace the CPU altogether, or just add more to motherboard. That's for the near future. Right now I just want to get this thing up and running.

    Wish I had a diagram on how to wire this thing! :?

    Thanks again,
  4. If price is a major concern you may want to consider the following;

    This X800 card will run as good if not better than every X1xxx ATI card up to the X1650 cards, and for the price you can't beat it. I am not sure if this card has any unlocking or overclocking ability, but you can easily find out by doing a search online once you get the card. I was able to unlock 4 more pipelines on my X850 with BIOS tweaks.

    You don't really want to dump tons of funds into a dying platform, plus DX10 cards on coming out now so you will eventually want to get one of them. Not sure if any of them will be released on AGP though.

    Good luck,
  5. Quote:
    Now I'm looking for modem, sound card and AGP card (video).

    Make your mind up.

    You asked if any of the components had soud onboard, and that has been confirmed. Now you're still saying you want a sound card. If you want a seperate sound card, for gaming or whatever, fine, say so. But if not, read the replies given before posting!
  6. Excuse me, but I believe I posted the sound card, before I got your response. I have eliminated the idea of getting a sound card because of your response. However, you don't need to be so rude about it. I'm doing the best I can being a first time builder.

  7. what are your needs for it, and what is your budget look like for the parts you need left over? If your not gonna really game, there is no sense in not getting a $20-25 GF4MX card, or cheaper if you can find it. Unless you want to run vista.....

    IF you have $100 then go with the X1950 Pro

    If your not gonna game get this:

    or if you don't mind the extra cash upfront, that card you picked out runs about the same price after the $20 rebate. If you are gonna game let us know what your budget looks like, and what games you play.

    As far as the modem, you should be able to find one really cheap on newegg, I would think.

    If you want the best for the money go with this one:

    If you just want to roll the dice and get the absolute cheapest:

    I personally recommend the USR one, they make great modems, always have, and after the $10 rebate it costs the same as the other and you get a better modem.
  8. hey man what video card did you use on that motherboard? i have ConRoe865GV and x1650pro x8 agp but its not working on ConRoe865GV motherboard the video card is not booting up if anyone knows this issue please msg me i still haven't used my x1650pro -_-' thanks!
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