How to set up windows xp to a dell computer using a hard disk from an e machine

I recently had a pc shop take my hard drive out of my dell and put it into my E machine desktop. Unfortantly my e machine motherbroad is fried and want to switch the hard drive back to the dell but don't have the cash to pay again. How would I go about this and how would I set up windows XP??? Is the hard drive from the e machine compatible with the dell???
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  1. The hard drive is not the problem. The problem is that the hardware on the 2 machines is not compatible.
    That said the the XP licence is not transferable from the e machine to the Dell.
    So unless you have the Dell restore disks you will need to purchase them from Dell.
    As you were using this drive in the e machine, I suspect the original restore partition was most likely wiped.
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