IE8 and Firefox both don't show background imagdes anymore

Since some time all background- and other images don't appear anymore on all websites that I access with IE8 as well as with the latest version of Firefox 3.5.3. I think it has something to do with a Windows core-ActiveX settings or some security settings that disallows showing images and background-images. This problem occurs with ALL websites.

On IE8

On Firefox 3.5.3.

The computer has been cleaned up in advance, all updates installed, full virusscan update and full computer scan.

Thank you in advance
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  1. Hi!!

    me too I have the same problem since today. I tried lots of things deleting software/installing but i can find a solution

    thanks Ivan

    ps: sorry for my english :)
  2. I don't use Internet Explorer, but in Firefox,

    Click the Tools menu,

    Click Options,

    Click Content tab

    Check "Load images automatically"

    But then, this may not be it.. let me know.
  3. @Tigsounds:
    Thanks, but I already try all the normals "checks".The problems is something deeper inside win xp. ie6 and the last version of firefox dont render anymore websides correctly.
    Chrome is fine.
    everything was fine before I installed a lifecam, and i don't think is the camera driver,but perhaps the microsoft installer messed up something.

    Pages like facebook or are missing lots of images and the rendering of fonts is wrong, I means fonts are there and i can read them but they look really not normal...
  4. Well, had to cover the basics. This is a different sort of problem, one I haven't seen before. I shall make calls on others that might have better answers.
  5. I have update my xp with all the last updates and installed ie8 but nothing changes.
    I have do an acid3test and this is the screengrab :
  6. oh and some pictures with firefox 3.6.8 looks like :

    and my facebook (i hide in black some informations):

    There is a script/rendering bug somewhere hiding in win xp but i can't find it
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