Blue screen of death after playing a game

I have an ati graphics card Radeon 9250 series with 256mb. Eveytime i play a game and its in 3d my whole computer freezes and I get the blue screen

Basic Specs:
Ati Redeaon 9250 series (256mb)
1.2 Gigs of ram
AMD Athlon 64 Processor 3500+
2.20 Ghz
Windows Xp
Service Pack 3
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  1. First, you would probably fair better if you increase your RAM. You probably need at least 1GB, but you could probably 'get by' with 512MB.
    But the bluse screen issue may be some registry issue with your software.
    Go to and follow the instructions to download and install. Then after installing, run a complete system scan. Seletct FIX when prompted.
    This may fix the 'blue screen of death', aka BSOD.
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