Need some help with Speedfan Temps

I could really use some help on reading and understanding the temps shown by speedfan 4.32

I have just bought a new system and because I want to give OCing a go, I wanted to know how stable it is before I start OCing.

Some specs
Asus P5W DH deluxe
Intel Core 2 Duo 6600
2GB Corsair Dominator memory
Thermaltake Kandalf LCS case with an 360mm radiator

When I start up speedfan 4.32, it shows me 5 different temperatures.

System_____idle 45C____________load 48C
Cpu________idle 20C____________load 30C
Aux________idle -48 to +130_C____load 74C
Core 0______idle 22C____________load 33C
Core 1______idle 20C____________load 31C

Can someone explain what the Aux temp is and why it fluctuates under idle loads? it is stable under full loads (a bit high but stable).

And can someone correct me if im wrong:
System Temp = Northbridge Temp
Cpu Temp = Tjunction Temp (does this need to be configured?)

Thanks for your reply.
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  1. i personally hate speedfan. i use core temp. it gives accurate readings and you can log your temps. the only problem may be that it only tells you the cpu temp. also use cpuz to know everything else about your comp.
  2. Thank you for replying

    I have tried coretemp as well. It shows normal core 0 and 1 temps, but shows me that the Tjunction is 85C under idle or load, I don`t really believe that.
    Is there a way to configure the Tjunction temp sensor in coretemp?
  3. You should learn whathe Tjunction is...don't worry about it.
  4. i dont even know what it is but i think its wrong so i dont really care. but coretemp and cpuz are my major monitors for my system.
  5. Disable AUX - it means nothing

    Enable PECI in your BIOS to get a correct reading from the mobo. PECI sends the data from the Digital sensor DTS on the cpu - the one used with TJunction.

    Here's how C2D temps work. The DTS on each core is recorded as x many degress away from the junction point (can be 85C or 100C). Coretemps/speedfan etc use this formula to calc the temp; With a junction of 85 and a TJunction reading of 50, the coretemp is 35C

    Temp measurement is not exact and is affected by how the mobo reads the DTS data

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