Best driver scanner and updater?

Hey guys,

What do you recommend for a driver scanner/updater? I see net has SlimDrivers and DriverMax listed. Are either of these any good? Is there something else I should consider instead?

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  1. That's a great question, I'd also like to know which software the forum members recommend?

    I've been reading review after review and can't make up my mind on which software does the best. I have tried drivereasy and devicedoctor, but uninstalled them since I don't quite trust them (although I could be wrong)
  2. I'm trying DriverMax right now. You can only do 2 drivers/day and it's not really 1 click and you're's a little involved. I watched a youtube video on it and just followed that. Seems to work though. You could also just do the scan and see what drivers are the newest and hunt them down on your own.

    I still would like to hear what others are using though.
  3. Hi,

    If you are look for free drivers updater , i suggest MyPCDrivers -

    It's a tiny program , the reason i love it is because when it thinks that your driver out of date , it will give you a list of link for you to download , most of the links is from big brand name such as Asus,Dell, HP....

    I hope it help.
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