What case(s) have fans blowing on hdd's?

I'm looking to purchase the WD Raptor 74 or 150, and would like a case that has a fan blowing on the hdd's.

Does thermaltake armor do this? i need to go find pics or something.

Edit: and if there are no cases, what are my other reasonably priced options?
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  1. Coolermaster cent 5 does. So does the antec sonatta II(if you add a 120mm fan)
    Among others.
  2. Yeah, the TT Armor series have a drive cage that'll hold 3 HDDs and comes with a 120mm fan on the front that pulls air in and over the Drives. It seems to work ok, my drives don't feel hot or anything, but then again they're not Raptors and I don't stress them all that much. It is an LED fan though (blue) so if you're not into that you'll have to get a non-LED replacement.

    Not real sure about any others.....the Antec 900 might, but I've never really looked into it.....it just seems designed a bit like the Armor, so I'm just throwing darts in the dark on that.
    Good luck!
  3. I think you'll find most cases these days have a fan, or at least a fan mount in the bottom front of the case, and the HDD cage usually tends to sit right behind this.
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