How do I reverse .bok to .csv?

I have Back up Outlook program and it saves in .csv. Recently, I cannot access database because Windows is changing the file format to a back up file. Why? How do I stop it? It now does it on both of my computers.
Thanks for reading this.
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  2. Should not be changing the format on it's own unless you are naming both backups the same name and it's being over-written. Double-check your backup settings, maybe re-create them to save to a different file.
  3. Thanks, I will look in to it. My son's laptop screwed up or I did. He lost his recycle bin icon for a while and didn't tell me. He told me last night so I got it and put it back. Unfortunately, I restored the files, all 984(?) of them. Crash. All sorts of windows processes and system failures. I had put a restore before I did it but it stopped working. So, I got an external hard drive for him. The only thing I can think to do is back up and clean install.
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