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UMAX Astra 4100 driver for Window Vista

Hello, UMAX Astra 4100 driver for Window Vista
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    The driver only support for windows xp,
    but the scanner still work using xp driver on windows Vista,
    before installing the xp driver on windows vista, please set the driver compatibility to windows xp sp 2, then the scanner may work
  2. This scanner is about 4 years old now so we can't anyone writing Windows 7 drivers for it.
    Time to look for a new one, they are more cheaper options available with better quality.
  3. 1. Please delete your email address from your previous post.

    2. Have you tried to connect the scanner to your computer and rebooted?
    It is possible that Microsoft might have a default driver for the scanner.
    After rebooting, check to see if the scanner is listed in your Device Manager.
    It's worth a try.
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