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I don't know if this is the place for this question, but I'll go for it.

Websites like facebook, twitter and so on and so forth, have big storage space as there servers. Why does it need to be so big?
If I (I being a company not a home user for this example) have a website, except for the content I put in, what other information is stored on my server?

Hope someone could explain that to me.
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  2. Take Facebook, for example. How many users do you think that it has? And how much data do you think each of those users has entered? And where is that data going to be stored?
  3. How much indeed. So basically, if my (me being the company, again) web site has only web pages, some photos and sql files for costumer registration, it shouldn't require too much space, right?
  4. No, that's not going to take up much space. And it's pretty easy to estimate how much space you need. Unless you become as successful as Facebook the sql database shouldn't require a lot of storage.
  5. But there aren't any additional files that are being added to my storage due to the fact that it's connected to the web (temporary stuff or I don't know what)?
  6. Not unless you specifically allow uploads of material (as Facebook and Twitter do). So, for example, if you run a forum on your site then data will be added. But it would have to be very successful for this to amount to a significant amount of storage.
  7. Thank you, that was most helpful
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