Best older PCI (non PCI-E) Video Card, opinions needed pls:)

Hello, I have an unusual question for you all. Due to other limitations I need to figure out the best currently available PCI (non-express, older model) video card to use in a half height expansion dock for a laptop. Does anyone out there have any suggestions? I have found a few things on the Nvidia 5200, but I was hoping there may be something better than that available still. Thank you for any help you guys can provide!

Sorry here is the information for my laptop:
It is a Dell Latitude D620, Intel Core 2 T7200 (2GHz), 2 GB RAM, built-in Intel 950 video card(terrible). It is really a work computer but I am looking to do a little gaming (mostly EQ2) on it at night while I am on the road. I purchased the Dell D/Expansion Dock which has 1 half height PCI slot built in it. So my goal is to get the best PCI video card for gaming possible for use on the road.
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  1. Greatgrapeape is the notebook guru, but it would help if you stated what you wanted to use it for, as well as the remainder of your system specs.
  2. I used to be a laptop repair tech (6 years ago), but I am not sure how well video cards work in docking stations. Didn't have expansion slots in the stations back then. Here are a couple of low profile PCI cards for you, but they cost a bit.

    Low Profile GeForce 6200's:

    Low Profile X1300:

    Low Profile X1550:

    I hope this helps you out.
  3. I have a couple of tridents around I will give to ya.You can SLI them.WOW
  4. the PCI 6200 or the PCI x1300 are your two best bets. Lol i wish my docking station allowed expansion like that, its nothing to evne write home about, then agian my laptop is 1996 Packard Bell with a P120 and 16mb of ram.
  5. Thanks for the help all, after taking your suggestions and reading up on both of the cards I am going to buy the x1300. I believe this card will give me the best performance for what I am looking for. Thanks again you guys are great!!
  6. I think circuit city has the 1550 for $69 after rebate

    I tried the 1300 pci and i took it back, it was very slow for some reason.
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