HELP! Cannot Shrink Partition!!!!

I just got a new 80GB X25-M.

My current partition is 365 GB, but I have gotten my Vista/programs down to ~35 GB

I need the partition to be under 75 GB to restore its image onto the X25-M, BUT Vista's Disk Management tool will not let me shrink it to under ~200 GB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I've disabled shadow copies, pagefile, write debugging, deleted the hibernation file... but to no avail - It seems as though the MFT is getting in my way so I can't shrink the partition past that, even though I have plenty of free space. I have no installation media to do a clean install.

HELP!! Is there any defragmenting tool that I can use to help me? Any alternate method? This is KILLING ME not being able to use my new intel drive.
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  1. Your idea to defrag is on the right track. Some files, however, can't be moved once installed.
    You might try the free trial from

    Once the trial program is installed, try booting into the Safe mode before running the program. This will keep a lot of disk files from being un-relocatable.
  2. I already used up my free trial like 6 months ago for no reason. DARN!

    There has to be another defragmenter that can do this
  3. This one uses the same layout so you can see if files are not being mover.
    It is also free...
  4. Well Gandalf, Defraggler shows me an 11,695 KB file named "$Bitmap" in about the place where I can't shrink past.

    I tried defragmenting in safe mode but it seems like it will not move that file. I also tried doing a defrag free space thing (what does this do?) but it only seemed to fragment my files more.

  5. If you can't defrag enough to do what you want, you might give a Partition program a try. This one has a 'Try now' option...

    As for the "defrag free space' option, I think that cleans up parts of the disk that doesn't qualify to show the space as written in. Kind of like if you round to the nearest dollar you don't see a residual 25 cents. This function probably recognizes those 25 cent pieces and put them where they should be. That is why it appears to be using up more disk space.
  6. Hello Gandalf!

    The partition manager demo won't resize partitions. It wants you to buy the full version for that.

    But do not fret Gandalf!!!!!! I got my hands on some install media so I'm dandy. If you have any other ideas (just for fun!) feel free, but otherwise thanks for the help.
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  8. That one has the same functionality. It just doesnt even give you the option to resize partitions.
  9. It does have a defrag function that might move that file that is blocking the resize function.

    I've tried it on my D: drive and it moves files to the top of the disk. :)
    But it does take forever to run. Like two hours in my case.
  10. Gandalf!!!!!!! The news I bring is good!!!!!!

    The free Paragon Partition Manager indeed can resize partitions, and indeed did move my pesky $Bitmap!

    Wise are the words you speak wise is the advice you give!!!!!!

    But really, it had to run before windows booted, took about 20 minutes, then chkdsk ran and all was well. Thanks a lot.
  11. Glad to hear it. Don't forget the Best Answer button.
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  13. I have used all softwares you guys had mentioned above but they didn't work. I also couldn't find the defragment function in Paragon Partition Manager 12 Free, but "resize partition" and "delete partition". Finally, I have used EaseUS Partition Master 9.2.1 Home Edition and problems were solved. I hope these words will be helpful for those who is in the same situation.
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