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I've always used to have two drives ..c & d
C was NTFS & D was FAT32
Well i am not sure why i did it like that ... probably seen my friend do it like that...
Well my question is this...
Is NTFS only good for storing Operating System... or i can use it on the drive D as well and it would work just fine or even better?
Thanks, please respond as fast as you can. Need to format soon.
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  1. NTFS is a better file system then FAT32. You can convert FAT32 to NTFS by using the convert command from a command prompt.
  2. I agree with Grumpy, NTFS is the more advanced file system.

    NTFS is far more secure, and you won't be limited to a maximum of 4GB file size.

    There are more reasons to switch to NTFS, but the 2 above are probably reason enough.

    The downside with NTFS is cluster slack, which bascally means there could be more wasted space and slight speed decrease. But in my opinion, with todays file sizes being larger than what we expected in the past, and processing speeds being much higher, this is almost a non-issue.
  3. Thanks a lot. Good info.
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