speed fan showing aux at 127 celsius!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Currently running a e6600 on a p5b deluxe @ 3300 fsb 410

TAT gives temps of 31c on idle
speed fan is giving temps system 31c, cpu 33c, core 0 & core 1 28c
but temp of AUX is 127c!!!
what the hell is AUX?
Wouldnt things melt at that temp?

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  1. Speedfan is weird, it reports that my fans are running at 6750000RPM lol, so don't worry about it. If it is true, I'm sure you wouldn't be here talking with us right now. 8O
  2. OMG! My aux is exactly 127c on my P5b deluxe too. :o

    LOL I have no explanation except to say that this is a common error and can be safely ignored.
  3. Na thats actually your real cpu temp, the others are wrong. Guess we wont see you on much more :P

  4. Well thats good because i was just starting to like the non led glow coming out of the case. 8)
  5. Disable AUX in speedfan. Mine fluctuated from -35C to 125C.

    But I would look at your CPU temps. It cannot be higher than your core temps. It should be 10-15C lower. Try using CoreTemp to measure the cores.

    Also, on my P5B-E I had to enable PECI to get a correct TCase (cpu) temp

    If those are real you must have some good cooling for 3300.

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