Planning my End of July purchases...

Right then. After learning about the impending processor price cuts coming up on July 22nd, I'm getting antsy to build my new system (As I'm overly- reliant on a 2 year old dell laptop right now). As a result, I've come seeking advice on what to keep an eye on and/or to pick up.

First: My total budget is likely to be between 1700 and 2300.

Second: I have every intention on incorperating the Matrox TripleHead2Go box~ which also means putting 3x 19" flat screens in there. The box runs for around $250. It takes a single video in and splits it into 3 video outs, and is SLI compatible

Third: No worries on the keyboard and mouse.

Fourth: I'm HOPING the x6800 drops to a more respectable price... if it doesn't, I think I'm leaning towards the E6700.

Fifth: I'd like to sync up two SLI video cards~ I'm aiming to dual log MMO's so the best I can fit/afford here would be ideal.

Sixth: I've got an external 250Gb hard drive for storage/backup purposes, so I'll only really NEED a single Hard drive.

Seventh: Case wise, I'm looking for something with ample room to work with (been awhile since I built a PC from scratch) and a Mobo tray at least. Space for two optical drives (Though I may hold off on purchasing the second until down the road) and one of those all-in-one & 3.5 drives I read about the other day (Though this I might also hold off on buying if need be for budget constraints)

As for the OS, I'm leaning towards VISTA over XP I think.

So... anyone have some suggestions and/or thoughts for me? :)
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  1. The X6800 won't drop. You will be able to get an E6850 for $266 though.

    Do SLI if you can afford $1000 for two 8800 GTX cards (or at least $500 now and another $500 within, say, 6 months). Otherwise just get one 8800 GTX and forget SLI.

    Look at the case Antec P182, it fits well in your budget IMO and it's nice. Silverstone TJ09 is much nicer but costs more.
  2. This will be challenging to put together, but I shall do my best. Let the fun begin:

    LCD Monitors: probably want them all to be the same so it doesn't look funny. ViewSonic This is a popular monitor among the community it seems. x3

    CPU: No doubt the X6800 would be good for this system, but I think even with the price drop it will press the budget a bit. Perhaps this Q6600 would serve your needs for half the price. Don't worry, we will keep the X6800 in consideration.

    Mobo: (oh dear..) I like this one.

    GPUs: 8800GTX

    HDD: Pretty standard here. Seagate 320GB

    Case: this is almost always up to personal preference.. I would say this Lian Li or a another Lian Li.

    Optical Drive: Basic. Sony

    OS: Vista

    PSU: SilverStone 1000W I dont know if you need one this big, but too much power is never a bad thing.

    And now we see how badly we missed the target budget.

    Haha, that would cost $2800+. That's my bad. Oh but wait, that's without Memory as well? Well lets see what we can do there...

    RAM: G.Skill

    So, we add another $100 bringing the total to over $2900. And now the challenge begins. :D
  3. Nice try, but he said 1700 to 2300. Is it nice, showing him all those goodies and then telling him he can't have them :lol:

    OP: the best CPU for you is the Q6600 or the E6850. Same price. Which of them you should pick depends mostly on what you will do with the computer. Tell us more... Or read some of the 6754 threads on the subject of dual core vs quad core. (Hint: if in doubt or too lazy get the Q6600.)
  4. Quote:
    too much power is never a bad thing

    That sounds like a quote from Darth Vader :lol:

    Seriously now, a Toughpower 850W should handle even the 8800 GTX SLI. Does that Matrox thing consume a lot of power, I wonder?
  5. PSU Decrease: OCZ 850W

    Mobo Decrease: [url=

    GPU Decrease: If you change to the 8800GTS 640Mb you will save $360.

    This drop the price to $2665 (that is including the Matrox TripleHead2Go box, which I forgot to add into the previous calculation.)

    The best way to drop the price on this is to not go Sli, and just run a single 8800GTX. Then we can save $150 on the GPU. And now we can also drop down on that beastly PSU. This should be adequate. Another $50 saved.

    Since this still won't be enough, we have to visit the other main problem we are having, those 3 LCD monitors. So naturally I came up with an alternative for $50 less per monitor. Therefore saving you $150.

    That brings the price to $2295. Well, I managed to squeeze it into your budget, although I'm sure you would prefer it to be on the other end. I'll check into a few things and get back later.

    By the way, for anyone wondering, I officially did this in 38 minutes. So if I made mistakes... Let's just say it wouldn't be surprising.
  6. Quote:
    too much power is never a bad thing

    That sounds like a quote from Darth Vader :lol:

    Seriously now, a Toughpower 850W should handle even the 8800 GTX SLI. Does that Matrox thing consume a lot of power, I wonder?

    Vader is my hero. :P I would imagine the "Matrox thing" has it's own power. But what do I know?
  7. Quote:
    Total $1610.00 No LCD or DVD Drive.

    Good Luck :D

    Now add at least $540 to that for the LCD's. Yours doesnt turn out so cheap either 8O
  8. $1610 + $540 = $2150 still under $2300 :)
  9. Yep, just remember that is the cheapest 19" LCD Monitor available @ newegg.
  10. Quote:

    That's the MB I bought today. I'll wait till July 22 to see what CPU I'll get but the draw will be between Q6600 or the 6850.
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