Some programs can't connect to internet

Hi all!

I bought a new PC today because I got tired of my 7-8 year old ACER thing that crashed 4 times in a row before it would load windows properly :p

Anyways my new PC with Vista is up and running but I have a little network problem that I am unable to solve...

Basically the connection is fine, I can access websites and download software, but certain programs like MSN live messenger and Steam are unable to connect to internet (while they did perfectly on my older PC, using the same Router!!)

I disabled the Windows Firewall, the antivirus, and other protection software but with no results...

Any help welcome, thanks
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  1. If you haven't done so, check all the browser settings to make sure they're not blocking them. Try a different browser. Firefox if you're using IE or IE if you're using Firefox
  2. thanks. I'm using Firefox now but the problem is unchaged :(
  3. Did you accidently click to block the programs. Did you try running them as admin? Check the firewall setting (Even if its off) check exceptions tab if steam and the other app are in that list. If not add the .exe to it reboot and try them.
  4. I am also having the same problem. Internet explorer does not work, nor do any of the other programs that i have that need an internet connection. I have tried to allow exceptions in the firewall, and that does nothing to solve it either. I am stumped.
  5. I have had problems like this with certain games - ie I would be playing a game called "Fiesta" and then certain programs wouldn't be able to run that needed internet access..

    Anyway if anything like that is occuring with you I would check with the publisher.
  6. ugh bump.. i have a vista x64 laptop home premium... someone help because i cant use applications like digsby and flock... iexplore works but firefox doesnt. i tried winsocket reset... host.... and some other things....
  7. I'm having the exact same problem, none of my programs will update. I am currently running without anti-virus because it cannot connect to the internet to download and install

    I've already tried to turn off firewalls with no luck
  8. I'm having the same problem.
    My IE connects, and so does windows live messenger, but nothing else does.
    I've taken down all the firewalls and removed all my protection software (which i now can't re-install because the installers won't connect ¬_¬')
    Mine started happening after a system restore, but I don't know if it's related.
  9. Me too, I can't connect to Xfire everytime! Help us! :ange:
  10. willfred said:
    I have had problems like this with certain games - ie I would be playing a game called "Fiesta" and then certain programs wouldn't be able to run that needed internet access..

    Anyway if anything like that is occuring with you I would check with the publisher.

    what did you do that allowed you to fix fiesta?? I play the same game, and i tried to go to tools in internet explorer and restart the applications and stuff, and it is still offline, do you remember what you did to fix fiesta??
  11. same problem here. recently recovered from a malware infection and now yahoo, adaware, spybot, and such cant access the internet. firefox get access just fine. tried the winsock fix to no avail. i'm not connected to a router nor do i have a software firewall running. my brain is punching itself in the face
  12. something to try,
    Don't think this is the problem but worth a try, has anyone check what network cards to use first.
    control panel -> Network and Sharing Center -> change adapter settings -> press Alt -> Advanced (from the top menu the appears) -> Advanced Settings. Make sure that your card that is connected to the internet is the first on the list.
    You can turn off (TCP/IPv6) for fun too.

    other then that your got me on this problem :(
  13. I had same problem after removing some Antivirus malware. I don't use IE but other programs look there for a guide (ITunes and Vuze in my case). Under IE, Tools, Internet Options, Connections, LAN Settings, Use a proxy server... had been ticked. Remove that check and everything came good. Sneaky.
  14. THIS WORKED!!!!!!!! :bounce:

    Thank YOU ButtCorp lol

    and yessssssssssss i had tried everything for HOURS beforehand. stupid registry "fix" changed a bunch of things and had to go back and tweak everything back to normal
  15. What did you do to fix it? I REALLY need help. I'm trying to download powerpoint for my project, but the internet can not connect from microsoft, becaus eim having the same problem everone else here is having. What did you do to fix it?
  16. Wow, something so bloody simple causing so many problems. This fix worked fantastically for me! I'm running Windows 7 64-bit, was having same problem after reinstalling windows. For anyone that missed it, it's Internet Explorer tools menu, internet setting, connections, lan settings and make sure that "Use proxy server" is UNchecked. Apparently a lot of programs connect through internet explorer!

    Addendum: I was having problems signing on through games (my g/fs account), also couldn't connect to server on Age of Conan, couldn't download .NetFramework all because of that one little check mark!
  17. Safe mode with networking is always the first place to start. That will rule out software interference. Windows firewall can be disabled but it doesn't mean it will open up ports. Disabled or not you have to open them up by adding them
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