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Just curious what the best defrag software is that everyone is using? Before the last rebuild of my system I was running Diskeeper '10 and MyDefrag before that. Any thoughts on those, or a better one out there? Best config? System has 3 drives, 2 Samsung 1TB in Raid0 and 1 WD 1TB drive. The striped drives contain a system partition and 3 others (apps, music, temp). The WD drive is tied in with Acronis for backups of the music partition. Thanks in advance!
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  1. Thanks. I'll check that one out. Any thoughts on the best configuration for defragging? I know that some of the apps will sort the clusters by the most frequently used, or alphabetically, things like that. Any thoughts on those options?
  2. brandoncatz said:
    I was running Diskeeper '10

    Still the best IMHO.
    As for configuration, I leave mine on automatic mode, and the file sequencing disabled on storage drives and enabled for the programs/OS drive. Works just fine.
  3. I also use Diskeeper. I recently got the new 2011 version and IMO it is the best because it prevents most fragmentation before it happens, and it nukes the rest instantly. I never have to remember to defrag my system and it always runs great.

    As for configuration, I set it to automatic mode and it pretty much does the rest. There are a lot of options available but I haven't had a chance to play with them yet (I do recall the documentation suggested the automatic mode as the most effective to begin with, especially since it decides where to write the files you create so they are not fragmented and you end up with large blocks of empty space for future writes, etc.) I hear it also plays nice with Raid set ups (but you already know that from using Diskeeper 2010 before)

    Get a free trial of Diskeeper 2011 and see what you think compared to the 2010 version (you could probably get an upgrade discount -- lucky!!
  4. Win 7 defrag program is much improved over earlier versions if you are running that.
  5. my prefered fave is disktrix ultimate defrag. of all the 1s i have tested this seems to suite me best.
    yes there is faster 1s, and more efficient 1s but it offers a good combo of both...
  6. Been using Piriform Defraggler(free) i like it.
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